Workshop to Gather Leaders from Around the World to Discuss Ways to End Use of Carbon-Based Fuel

Koror, Palau — This Friday, April 15, Blue Planet Alliance and Planet Home will gather local and global government, business, and community leaders to meet with sustainability energy experts during EcoSprint Palau to assist the transition to renewable energy resources by 2045. 

The event will focus on designing plans, research, and roadmaps to build scalable solutions, networks, and capacity to support individual island nations and global communities in reaching 100% renewable energy goals by 2045. 

“We look forward to working with Palau’s government, business, and community leaders to develop an executable plan to help the country switch to 100% renewable energy by 2045,” said Blue Planet Foundation and Blue Planet Alliance Founder Henk Rogers. “Our workshop here in Palau will benefit from the experience our Blue Planet Foundation team gained in helping Hawai‘i pass the first U.S. 100% renewable energy mandate and in working toward a successful business model for Hawai‘i’s utilities to transition to 100% clean energy. It will also build on the foundation and momentum we created with Planet Home during the inaugural EcoSprint in Hawai‘i.”

EcoSprint Palau is the second in a series of pilot programs. The all-day event will start at 9:00 am, PWT Friday, 5:00PM PST Thursday, and be followed by a cocktail reception for all attendees (5-7 p.m.). The workshop is available to up to 40 attendees, and will include an opportunity to work with an agile and diverse team of Solutionists to define and develop solutions directly suited for the island and local culture, and create a framework and methodology for transitioning to renewable energy by 2045.

“The program will run all day, and will feature keynote speeches from global leaders that will set a vision for how we can get to 100% by 2045,” said Planet Home Co-Founder and Co-CEO Antony Randall. “They will be followed by subject-matter experts, who will help share technical details on how the various teams can work together throughout the day. So you can think of this as a one-day workshop, with keynote speakers and working groups.”

EcoSprint Palau will follow Our Ocean Palau, the 7th Our Ocean Conference — and the first to take place in a Small Island Developing State (SIDS). Themed “Our Ocean, Our People, Our Prosperity,” Our Ocean Palau will be a key moment for countries, civil society, and industry to commit to concrete and significant actions to protect the ocean. This year’s conference will feature keynotes from major dignitaries, including President Surangel Whipps, Jr., U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John F. Kerry, among others from throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the U.S., and Europe. Over the past six conferences, participants have made more than 1,400 commitments worth more than $90 billion and protected at least five million square miles of ocean.

Aligning with Our Ocean Conference’s Areas of Action, EcoSprint Palau will set the foundation for building a multi-island global parallel sprint, where 10 other islands will work together to create a powerful global network. 

“We invite Palau attendees to join our global Blue Planet Alliance to share results and lessons learned that will help other island nations around the world navigate their way toward establishing 100% clean energy,” added Rogers. “Your participation in EcoSprint Palau is vital to the success of this program and achieving a clean energy future for all of us.”

For more information about EcoSprint Palau, visit here

About Blue Planet Alliance 

Blue Planet Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2020 by visionary entrepreneur and leading climate change advocate Henk Rogers. The mission of the Blue Planet Alliance is to get islands and countries around the world to legislatively mandate a commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2045. It is also working with governments, businesses, and individuals to help grow a global movement aimed at reducing the negative impact on the planet, thus aligning human behavior more in harmony with nature.

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