If you’re like me, the second your alarm goes off in the morning you have one thought: “coffee, please.” Hot or over ice, I can’t recall a day I didn’t consume this delicious, life-breathing beverage. If this describes you as well, odds are you consume at least 4 cups of coffee every day (as the average American does), totaling almost 1,500 cups each year. Factoring my 10 cups a day, that’s over 3,500 cups of coffee per year between the two of us!

Now, before you stop reading, don’t panic! I am not asking you to quit coffee. I am on my third cup today and will have at least three more before this article is finished. That being said, what if I told you there are coffee companies out there who not only sell more socially and environmentally conscious products, but ones that are healthier and taste better too? Just imagine the personal and global impact you could have making a slight change to something you consume 1,500 times each year. Still with me?

Driftaway Coffee

Fresh roasted twice a week and shipped from Brooklyn, NY, Driftaway Coffee is one of the most environmentally, socially sound products on the market today. Offering coffees from around the world, you can buy up your go-to favorites, try something exciting and new, or even create your own personalized subscription box. By collaborating with Cool Effect, Driftaway offsets 100% of their carbon emissions each year by funding a project protecting nearly 450,000 acres in Alto Mayo, Peru from deforestation. Not only does preserving this region avoid 500,000 metric tons of Greenhouse Gasses each year, but it also helps nearly 600 coffee farming families yield a more sustainable product.

brown ceramic teacup

No matter which Driftaway product you order, you can rest assured it will be shipped in a completely compostable, coffee-friendly pouch made from renewable plant-based materials. Through their Bean for Bean program, Driftaway donates 5 cents from each pound of coffee sold to World Coffee Research, whose mission is to grow, protect, and enhance coffee production while improving the lives of the families who produce it. Using the Farmer Feedback section of their website, you could even share your thoughts and offer thanks directly to the farmers who cultivated the coffee in your cup. When it comes to making a positive impact with your daily coffee fix, Driftaway Coffee does all the heavy lifting.

Ethical Bean

Living up to their name, Ethical Bean uses 100% Fairtrade certified beans, meaning they ensure a fair wage is paid to the farmers producing their coffee. While we may think we can’t live without our morning cup of joe, there are over 125 million people whose livelihood literally depends on coffee. Buying Ethical Bean or any product with the Fairtrade Mark not only ensures your purchase was environmentally and socially sound, but you are putting farmers and their families first. By scanning the QR Code on the back of each bag, you can trace the coffee in your cup all the way back to the crop.

coffee filled white ceramic mug beside brown coffee beans on beige wooden surface

In addition to doing their part for the coffee farmers around the world, all of Ethical Bean’s are 100% organic. Whether you prefer medium roast or dark, whole bean or ground, sweet or bitter, you can easily substitute your current go-to for one of these healthier, tastier, ethical alternatives. They even provide tips on how to properly brew their coffee to achieve maximum deliciousness. When it comes to our daily grind, we could all use more of that, couldn’t we?

Conscious Coffees

Founded on the belief that coffee is the lifeblood of flourishing communities both locally and globally, Conscious Coffee sees the enormous potential we have to harness our daily coffee fix for the greater good. A Certified B Corp, Conscious Coffee works hard to meet the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, so all you have to do is sit back and sip. Another Fairtrade certified company, each bag of coffee you buy is sourced from local farmers who are compensated fairly for their hard work.

coffee beans on gray steel wok

Craft roasted in small batches in Boulder, Colorado, Conscious Coffee works hard to deliver great tasting, socially and ecologically responsible coffee right to your door. With a wide range of options, there is no doubt you could find a comparable alternative to your current favorite without worrying where or how the beans were sourced. Starting at just $14.00 per month, there are a variety of subscription options available to keep your conscious clean year-round. A founding member of Cooperative Coffees, Conscious Coffee believes in working together to protect our planet, even with their own competitors.

Other Ways You Can Help

See? I told you I wasn’t asking anyone to quit coffee! The simple act of switching brands could have a tremendously positive impact on our planet, both environmentally and socially. These are just a few of the hundreds of coffee companies doing their part. As you shop, be sure to do your research to make sure you buy from companies who sustainably source their beans, use biodegradable packaging, and pay a fair price to their farmers to ensure these workers are properly compensated.

These are all things you should keep in mind when grabbing a cup at your local coffee place. Each year, we use approximately 16-billion paper to-go cups. By bringing your own reusable cup and straw, you can significantly cut down on the amount of waste this industry is contributing to our environment. This will also save your favorite café some money, so they should be happy to accommodate you.

Remember, real, meaningful change starts with you. You and I might not be capable of taking down the coffee giants who are harming the planet, but making small changes to something we’re partaking in thousands of times a year will have countless social, planet-friendly, and personal benefits. As always, stay tuned to Planet Home for more ways in which you can create change through your everyday actions.