ZeroWasteStore launched the world’s first sustainable shopping app of its kind, an extension of their online sustainable marketplace. The platform allows users to shop zero waste and sustainable products from a variety of brands in one place.

The ZeroWasteStore Mission

According to their website, ZeroWasteStore believes that “conventional consumer products are creating an unsustainable amount of waste and exacerbate the environmental problems that potentially threaten life on the planet as we know it.”

Their solution? Making sustainable shopping the most convenient way to shop. By offering a seamless, accessible shopping experience, ZeroWasteStore believes they can empower consumers to adopt a more eco-friendly purchasing process.

Since launching in 2018, the platform has seen over 400,000 shoppers and has been featured in content from BuzzFeed, Liza Koshy, and more. The company now works with over 200 brands to offer thousands of products to consumers and is growing quickly.

The New ZeroWasteStore App

In pursuit of their mission to make sustainable shopping the most convenient shopping option, ZeroWasteStore recently turned their popular website into a free mobile app. 

The app offers the same experience as the web version, with clear visuals of products, filtering options, and more. The app shares the same range of products as the site, too, from personal care products, to apparel, to garden supplies.

We downloaded the app and tried it ourselves, and here’s our review.

Our Review of the ZeroWasteStore Mobile App

After downloading the app, users will be prompted to swipe through an introductory message explaining how to use the platform. The pop-up explains the four main offerings of the app: the ability to discover sustainable options, shop those brands, add items to your wishlist, and enjoy in-app rewards and deals.

After making it through the introduction, I decided to poke around the app as if I was a regular consumer. The app was seamless, easy to navigate, and incredibly intentional.

Discovering New Products

The app allows users to discover new products via the Discover tab. The tab breaks down the products into different sections such as Best Sellers, New Product Drops, and Shopping Simplified (kits).

One category I found specifically intriguing was Get Inspired. This section broke down the products into different human profiles, an idea I found unique and perfect for gifting. I was then able to shop a wide variety of products the platform tailored for that specific profile.

Shopping Experience

When beginning to browse through the Shop tab, users have the option to browse by category or by core value of the brand, with options such as circular, compostable, organic, plastic-free, and vegan. Shoppers can also sort by various filters, such as brand, interest, and price.

I found the ability to sort by core value to humanize the company-to-consumer transaction.

Saving to Your Wishlist

In order to save an item to your wishlist, you’ll need to make an account, but that’s pretty standard. Once you’re there, adding and removing items from your wishlist is easy as can be. I was able to add a few items to my wishlist in less than a few minutes.

In-App Rewards and Deals

As you shop, you earn points based on the amount you spend. You are then able to redeem those points at checkout to save money on future orders.

Their rewards structure is similar to other brands. Every $1 spent at ZeroWasteStore equals 2 points, and every 100 points is $1 you can redeem on a future purchase. They also offer additional incentives such as 200 points for signing up for the program, $10 for sharing the platform with a friend, and 500 points when it’s your birthday.

While I didn’t notice any introductory offers upon downloading the app, ZeroWasteStore did offer 15% off initial orders to its first 1,000 app users.

Additional Benefits of Shopping ZeroWasteStore

In addition to offering a seamless shopping experience, ZeroWasteStore maintains its mission by offering plastic-free, carbon neutral shipping on every order. The company also donates 1% of sales back to our planet.

United States orders over $35 also ship for free — a great bonus if you’re stocking up on earth-friendly items.

Our Final Review

The entire shopping experience on ZeroWasteStore was extremely impressive. It truly was just as convenient as other shopping platforms.

While we weren’t able to purchase anything through the app, its nearly 6,000 5-star website reviews and several perfect app store reviews tells us the order and delivery process is likely satisfactory.

What This Means for the Future of Shopping

ZeroWasteStore and its mobile app are both still fairly new, however, the company is already making strides in changing the way we shop. If the first few years in business is any predictor of how the coming years will be, we can expect sustainable shopping to be even more accessible and integrated into the consumer experience.