eco friendly period product

For those of us who have a “time of the month,” we always want to make sure that we’re not only feeling comfortable but also armed with the products that can make this time feel a little less uncomfortable. While these products make life a little easier for those of us with periods, their waste has ended up hurting the Earth. Both tampons and pads use plastic, which ultimately cannot be recycled since our fluids are dispelled onto the plastic. To make our “time of the month” more planet-friendly, check out these feminine care products that are kinder to the Earth.

The Honey Pot Company

This BIPOC-owned feminine hygiene company ensures that all of its products keep Earth top of mind. Each product is biodegradable, meaning that it can be soaked up by its surrounding environment once it breaks down in a landfill. The Honey Pot sells menstrual cups that can be used multiple times. In fact, Honey Pot’s rendition of the tampon and pad alternative is reusable, deeming it a sustainable option to its period product counterparts.

Although the menstrual cup has gained popularity in recent years, the earliest versions of the menstrual cup have been around since the 19th-century. Not sure which cup size to choose? The Honey Pot’s menstrual cup comes in two sizes. Size 1 is ideal for those with light to moderate blood flow levels while Size 2 is the best option for those with heavy flow levels. A Honey Pot menstrual cup can last for over a year, which can go a long way in decreasing the number of pads and tampons that sit in landfills.

Party in My Pants

Since 1999, the women of Party in My Pants based in Ashland, Wisconsin, have been making reusable cloth pads designed for people with periods. Yes, you heard us — they’re reusable. Just pop them in the laundry or wash them by hand, and leave them out to dry before using again. Party in My Pants pads come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all body sizes as well as menstrual flow levels. In addition to saving the environment, you’re also saving yourself some money. To figure out how much cash you could be saving annually by forgoing traditional pads, check out Party in My Pants’ savings calculator.


If you’re not partial to menstrual cups, pads, or tampons, then Thinx’s reusable period underwear may be for you. Established in 2013, the three friends behind Thinx have been developing underwear of various styles and materials to help people with periods have a more comfortable experience during their “time of the month,” and, of course, to avoid an accident. Rest assured that each pair of underwear is designed with technology that soaks up the blood and controls the smell, so not to worry about encountering an accident mid-day. Replacing traditional pads and tampons with reusable period underwear not only reduces landfill waste but also helps Thinx provide access to period education to students throughout the United States.


OrganiCup is another menstrual cup brand that sells cups of various sizes. The OrganiCup’s SizeMini is designed for young teens beginning to menstruate while Size A is created for those who have not had a vaginal birth and Size B is specifically for those who have had a vaginal birth. Similar to Thinx, OrganiCup uses its platform to research the cultural taboo behind periods around the world, donate period cups to underserved communities, and gives free period cups to sex workers. Purchasing an OrganiCup ensures that another individual with a period in the world will be educated about period hygiene and be given a period cup.

Switching to using environmentally-friendly period products is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, using these alternatives does not sacrifice comfort and mitigates the risk of experiencing any leakage. By choosing to purchase from some of these environmentally-friendly period product brands, you’re not only spreading kindness to the environment but also helping people with periods get the education and proper hygiene products they need.