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With ongoing Black Lives Matter protests taking place in cities across the country, conversations around racial justice continue to take place.  Businesses in every industry are having conversations about ways they can deepen their efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Next week, from August 18 to 19, Sustainable Brands is hosting Just Brands, a virtual conference focused on unpacking racial justice and equity in business.

A Conference on Regenerative Racial Justice

Sustainable Brands is a global community of business leaders and practitioners committed to driving innovations that make a positive social and environmental impact.  Sustainable Brands believes in taking a regenerative approach to go past sustainability, going beyond “doing less harm” by taking conscious steps to leave the planet and society better off than we found it.  

Restorative justice, in the form of addressing racial biases and inequities in business practices, is an important factor in working towards a regenerative economy.  The Just Brands virtual event aims to help businesses, big and small, develop authentic, long-term commitments towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What To Expect

SB’2020 Just Brands will feature dialogues, trainings, breakout sessions, and remarks by leaders from companies such as PepsiCo, Impossible Foods, UPS, and more. Experts will be sharing their tried-and-true solutions for addressing systemic racial injustice and creating more inclusive, equitable workplace policies and behaviors.

The conference will cover the intersection between racial justice and a range of topics, including:

  • Hiring, compensation, and retention
  • Leadership training
  • Workplace biases
  • Purchasing, procurement, and supply chain
  • Brand positioning, marketing, and communications
  • Local community engagement
  • Civic engagement
  • Cultural evolution

The event will also include an exploration of case studies on companies who are leading the charge with cutting-edge work in racial justice and equity. Activism manager Christopher Miller of Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream brand that made headlines earlier this year for their powerful Black Lives Matter statement, will be facilitating a session on Ben & Jerry’s proactive strategy in addressing social and environmental issues.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a member of a corporate diversity and inclusion committee, attending Just Brands is an opportunity to learn from leading industry change-makers and network with professionals from likeminded brands.

Click here to register for SB’20 Just Brands conference, taking place virtually from August 18 to August 19.