Welcome to the newest edition of Planet Home’s ‘Solutionists of the Week’.

From established subject-matter experts to rising Solutionists, we want to share their successes and celebrate the achievements of those leading the charge in bringing net-positive solutions to the world. Here’s this week’s roundup of Solutionists making waves in their respective industries.

Mitch Roth – Mayor of Hawaiʻi County

Mayor Mitch Roth recently attended the ‘Blue Planet Alliance in partnership with Planet Home’s EcoSprint’ in Hawaii this March. In a recent interview leading up to the EcoSprint, Roth gave his thoughts on why renewable energy is the way forward for Hawaii.

“Our administration is dedicated to addressing climate change and creating a Hawaii Island where our keiki can raise their keiki for generations to come. That is why we are honored to work alongside forward-thinking companies like Hawaiian Electric, who share a unified vision of sustainable Hawaii for us all.”

“I support expanding geothermal and other forms of renewable energy here. Hawaiʻi Island has the best opportunity in the world to move renewable energy forward. Solar, wind, geothermal, and other possibilities such as waste-to-energy all can be used to produce hydrogen cheaper than traditionally done through petroleum.”

Danni Washington – Science Communicator

Danni Washington is highlighting the need to create more marine-protected areas (something she says anyone can advocate for) to support a major goal of ocean activists who aim to protect 30 percent of the ocean by 2030.

“To protect 30 percent of the ocean, we need more people to jump on board and do what they can in their own area, their own state, their own country, whatever nation you live in,” she says, urging people to work with their local leaders, educators, and scientists to establish more marine-protected areas around the world.

“It’s up to us to find harmony with nature,” she says. “But what’s beautiful about nature is that it rebounds quickly if we give it time and space.”     

Erica Mackie – Co-Founder & CEO, GRID Alternatives

Erica Mackie co-founded GRID Alternatives in 2001 and has developed it into a major national non-profit. Today, it is the nation’s largest non-profit solar installer. Mackie’s vision was to make the benefits of these technologies available to low-income communities that need the savings the most, but have the least access.

Mackie has received numerous awards for her leadership of GRID Alternatives, including the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2008, the New Leaders Council Energy Leadership Award in 2009, the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award in 2010, the US Green Building Council’s Green Building Super Hero Award in 2010 and the 2013 Clean Energy and Empowerment Award from C3E.