Planet Home is pleased to announce the first ever Solutionist 100. The #Solutionist100 will honor the top business leaders, technologists, scientists, creatives, cultural leaders, non-profits and government organizations who are reshaping the future of our planet and creating solutions to the greatest environmental challenges facing our time.

Planet Home is the world’s largest Solutionist platform – a global collective of leaders and innovators empowering everyone to take action for the planet by driving change to how we Eat, Make, Move and Live. The Planet Home experience brings together leading scientists, organizations such as the United Nations and NASA, business leaders like Peter Diamandis (Carbon Prize), Pat Brown (Impossible Foods), and world-class entertainers such as Ed Norton, Snoop Dogg and Wyclef Jean to educate and inspire others to culture solutions for the planet.

“We are honored to host the Solutionist 100 Awards,” said Gabrielle Hull, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Planet Home. “To scale and advance sustainable solutions, we must know who are the true leaders actively reshaping industries and human life, so our future generations can become net-positive to nature. Anything less is simply not acceptable at this stage.”

The first Solutionist 100 event takes place March 2022, recognizing the 25 winners of the Live category, which represents solutions for sustainable communities, renewable energy, biodiversity, and atmospheric conditions. The winners of the remaining categories will be recognized throughout 2022 at quarterly ceremonies with 25 winners announced at each event. Planet Home will host a culminating event at the end of 2022/2023 celebrating all recipients who make the Solutionist 100 list.

Please stay tuned for more news coming soon, as we will be opening up nominations for the Solutionist 100. We look forward to celebrating Solutionists and the incredible work they do for our planet home.

For more information or any inquiries, please contact [email protected]