If you’re anything like me, too much of your time has been spent scrolling endlessly through  TikTok . I wouldn’t say that this time has been a waste or for nothing, however, because TikTok has proven time and time again to be a great source of information! 

From life hacks to discounts to awesome places to go, TikTok  has taught me more than any school or adult ever has. (Oh the irony) One particular “side” of  TikTok  that I often find myself in is small business TikTok .

Box and Bow Shop 

One particular small business that I came across on TikTok  that stuck out to me is Box and Bow Shop. Box and Bow is an amazing company that puts together gift baskets, either pre-made or you can create your own, with items from various small businesses. They have great gift baskets for weddings, baby and bridal showers, get well packages and more! 

I really like their build your own box option and I will definitely be using them for any gift baskets I may need!

Bear Bay Soy Candles

As much as we all love candles, it’s really sad to think about how most of them are actually quite harmful to us and our pets. Not only are there many health benefits to soy candles, but they actually burn at a slower rate than many other candle options, which means you get to enjoy them longer! 

Bear Bay Candles prides themselves on their zero toxin hand poured candles – which is incredible! They emphasize the importance of self care and delivering the best possible candle experience with their products.

The founder of Bear Bay Candles, Aimee, says

“We are a small family run business that started from my little kitchen in Somerset at the beginning of 2020. Everything we do is handmade with love and care. We are a sustainable, vegan and Eco friendly business – this was so important to me because I wanted to make a product that I was proud of, a product that I was happy to put my daughters names to; Sky ‘Bear’ and Freya ‘Bay’. “

The fact that this company not only started but thrived throughout the pandemic this last year or so is so inspiring and I love that they are so driven to deliver an amazing product! 



Sneak preview of some new work.. I love the movement of this bag #designer #fashion #highfashion #textiledesign #sustainablefashion

♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Another huge side of  TikTok  is fashion. Whether it be thrifting, repurposing or sewing our own clothes, I’m actually really impressed with this generation’s drive and motivation to make the most with what we already have. 

One clothing brand in particular that stuck out to me when scrolling through TikTok  is Andagain. Andagain labels themselves as the world’s most sustainable luxury fashion label. Although expensive, Andagain reuses recycled materials to create clothing and accessories that are hand sewn in their studio located in California. Although they are considered a “luxury” brand, you know they care about their customers’ experience because they offer a sample to test fit for their clothing items. 

Jess with Less

When it comes to clothing, fashion can get way too expensive and wasteful. I love that numerous creators on  TikTok  are setting a sustainable example by showing how to style less items in more ways.

One creator in particular, @jesswithless now @carpenterstudio, shows how the same few items of clothing can create countless outfits. These videos have been really helpful for me to expand my wardrobe without actually adding anything to it! 

Mermaid Straw

When it comes to things like reusable straws, chopsticks and other utensils, no one wants boring old metal anymore. Mermaid straw provides a variety of super fun colors that make being planet-conscious that much more fun. 

Mermaid Straw prides themselves on zero waste packaging and giving back to the community with every purchase made. My personal favorite item is their ocean blue stainless steel straw! 

Supporting small businesses is already a really amazing thing to do, but when they’re an eco-friendly small business it feels that much more impactful and powerful. Start keeping a list of the small businesses you come across while scrolling through  TikTok . You never know what positive change it will bring.