olivia rodrigo poses in front of a purple background

We’ve experienced plenty of heartbreaks in the past year. From the trials of lockdown to the quiet struggle of daily life in a changing world, we’re all in need of an outlet. Olivia Rodrigo, eighteen-year-old actress, singer, and songwriter seems to understand this perfectly—as her new release “SOUR” captures the teen-like frustration and excitement of a world anxious to start living again after being inside for so long. Armed with pastels and lyrics that feel eerily similar to our own notes apps, the artist has stolen the hearts of teen girls—and emotional folk—everywhere.   

Olivia Rodrigo’s Journey Into Conscious Fashion

For Rodrigo, expressing emotion is everything, and her authenticity shines through in more than just her music. In an interview with POPSUGAR, the teen sensation shared her feelings on fashion’s impact on the environment. Like most of gen-Z, she got her environmental wake-up call through the media. “A couple years ago I watched this documentary called The True Cost,” says Rodrigo. 

“It’s sort of a scary thing to be fourteen and realize your generation is nearing tipping points for irreversible damage to the planet.” 

– Olivia Rodrigo, via POPSUGAR

“Lots of scientists say the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, right under oil. This was so shocking to me. Up until that point, my favourite thing was to go to the mall and buy clothes that were way too cheap and wear the item once.” Taking a step back, she explains, it became clear that she had to make better choices for the planet and her closet.

“ I realised I couldn’t keep up those habits if I truly cared about the health of our planet.”

– Olivia Rodrigo, via POPSUGAR

With the drive and commitment unique to the young and conscious, Rodrigo made the rewarding switch to conscious fashion. “I’ve spent the last few years trying to keep my clothing consumption as sustainable as I can. Buying second hand is so much fun, and sustainable brands like Reformation and Lisa Says Gah are to die for” she says.

“It’s really important to think about how everyday actions, like how you get your clothes, can affect our planet for generations to come.” 

– Olivia Rodrigo, via POPSUGAR

Shopping Secondhand and Rocking Vegan Pieces

Rodrigo’s effort to reduce her environmental impact through fashion has not gone unnoticed. The artist is often seen rocking secondhand items from thrift stores and online platforms like Depop—much to the satisfaction of her fans and fashion-lovers everywhere. 

True to her words, Rodrigo dons the chicest of ethical high fashion in a shoot for Billboard—where she rocks a jacket and skirt set from Sami Miro Vintage and stunning vegan loafers from Koi Footwear.  

How to Find the Right Fashion Brands to Support

But it’s clear that the average conscious fashion lover can’t drop $600 dollars on an eco-friendly blazer, especially not the teens and young adults in Rodrigo’s fanbase. With the plethora of clothing lines out there, however, finding an ethical brand at your desired price point should be pretty straightforward—once you’ve sorted through and researched all of them, that is. Lucky enough, the website and mobile app Good on You makes the search for the right clothing brand easier. 

In Cox’s words “Good on You does all the work for you. It can be a complete minefield, but [the app] is the world’s leading source of fashion-brand ratings.” 

The site uses expert analysis to rate brands based on their impact on the planet, people, and animals. All that’s left for the conscious shopper to do is search up a brand they like in the Good on You directory. For those not sure what they’re looking for but ready to make a change, the site even sorts brands by price range and clothing category to make conscious window shopping a breeze. 

Now, armed with a site that makes our wildest ethical fashion dreams come true, everyday conscious shoppers can feel good about what they wear and where it comes from. Whether your goal is to find comfy basics that don’t break the bank and the planet’s heart or to rock fun and quirky statement pieces—we can all agree that ethical fashion is Good 4 U – and the planet, too!