Today’s world is one in which it can seem incredibly difficult to live with the planet in mind. We are constantly exposed to products that harm our planet through their production and eventual disposal. These products are heavily marketed through the media, whereas eco-friendly options are often hard to find. While it may seem impossible to counteract the effects of this as an individual, Sabrina Wisbiski, a TikTok creator, is finding great success in proving the power of individual efforts to prevent waste. 

Living Better

Sabrina is a Detroit-based content creator who runs the TikTok account Her account has amassed an impressive following of 140,100 and is jam-packed with simple ways in which individuals can live better. Sabrina uses this account to make planet-friendly living seem less daunting to individuals by suggesting easy alternatives for everyday products.

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Many of Sabrina’s videos discuss products that people may not realize harm the planet. For example, one of her TikToks explains that she has replaced her traditional dish soap with a dish-washing powder contained in a compostable pouch. To reiterate why this change is essential, she tells viewers that the average home goes through about 30 single-use plastic bottles of dish soap in one year, producing a tremendous amount of preventable waste. 

By suggesting easy alternatives, Sabrina shows viewers that it is possible to make a difference and directly impact the world by simply changing some of their habits. She is incredibly open about the pricing of products, reassuring viewers that it is okay if they cannot afford to swap out all of their products for better options. An emphasis is instead placed on the fact that any difference is a big difference, and that every person is capable of making a positive impact. 

A Helping Hand

Another way in which Sabrina structures her account to help viewers live better is by sharing helpful tips and tricks to be more planet-friendly. One of her popular TikToks tells viewers that the popular store Lush will allow you to exchange five of their recycled containers for a free face mask. They then take the old containers and create new ones from them. By educating people about this unique opportunity, Sabrina reiterates that there are many simple ways to benefit the planet that people may not know about. 

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Why Should We All Live Better?

Sabrina’s account is a great place to start for people who want to help the Earth but aren’t well educated on the best products and habits. As climate change continues to affect the planet, individuals must understand they can make a difference. Importantly, this does not mean that they have to drastically change many of their habits all at once, but instead can make small changes that will make a significant impact. 

Influencers like Sabrina remind us that everyone is capable of making a difference, and that taking action can be much easier than we once thought. Her account is incredibly inspiring, and if you find yourself wondering about sustainable alternatives for everyday products, you should check it out. We can help change the world for the better, and there is no better time to start than now.