K-Pop Group Blackpink standing on stage

K-pop powerhouse group Blackpink has gone green. On December 9th, the quartet posted a video in collaboration with the British Embassy in Seoul. In the video, they call on their fans, affectionately named Blinks, to take action in getting educated and involved with world leaders in protecting the environment. In order to keep our Ice Cream chillin’, we must continue having conversations and working together to come up with new solutions to all the challenges our planet faces. 

The girls’ promotion of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) caught the eye of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who on February 26th wrote a personal letter to them inviting them to COP 26 as advocates. He noted that their video got over 10 million views and commended them for using their star power for good. By inviting Blinks to treat this world As If It’s Your Last, Blackpink is bringing attention to a critical convention to a global audience (of 58.6 million fans to be exact). 

From being the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella in 2019 to their multiple music videos with over 1 billion views, their unprecedented reach cuts across countries and age groups. The importance of Blackpink using their platform stems directly from this huge audience as it brings the conversation to a younger, trendier demographic. Their international reach adds a layer of community building that reflects the global nature of the situation.  

This reach is leaving fans feeling inspired and galvanized by Blackpink’s dedication to action-taking to do the same in their daily lives. This motivational impact on the fans can be seen in the comments on their videos. User I LISA YOU on Youtube commented, “My love and respect for them just multiplied multifold. Using their extremely large platform for spreading awareness is queens behavior. Thank you girls, we’ll make sure to join you in this journey.” It is clear that the girl’s ambition and action are resonating with fans and inciting change. 

Another key aspect of Blackpink’s endorsement is that it sets an example of personal accountability in the environmental movement. Rather than simply donating a big sum to a charity or endorsing a brand, Blackpink is demonstrating their commitment to fully understanding the issue and continuing to keep up to date. Electric vocalist member Rosé admits in their video that “we’re not fully aware of all the issues, but we do care about our planet and we want to learn more.” They provide an example that says it is okay to not fully understand the situation, it is most important that you are trying and continuous in your efforts. 

As Main Rapper member Lisa states in the video, “Climate change affects us all.” Whether you’re a Blink or an ARMY, A-lister or commonfolk, climate change has consequences for us all. This raises the need for us to come together and make solutions as a community and team. Celebrities and musicians are key to this as their platform and fans lend to this collective approach. Musicians such as the dynamic duo Jaden and Willow Smith, Björk, and even Green Day are shining examples of celebrities calling their fans to action and using their impressive platforms for good. 

As the age of streaming, which helped bring kpop to the global forefront, has taught us, music transcends culture, language, and generations. Blackpink’s music is no exception to this, which is why their endorsement of COP 26 is so powerful. It has the ability to break barriers and form diverse communities in union against the widespread issue that is climate change. 

Here at Planet Home, we believe in the power of art and music to bring people together and inspire them to take action. From bringing out musicians like 24K Goldn and Snoop to our festivals, to hosting conversations with actors Adrian Grenier and Ed Norton, art and music have always been a central part of the Planet Home experience. We’re always proud to see creatives using their platform for good, and we’re so happy to see Blackpink joining the movement. 

Image Source: 블랙핑크(BlackPink) – 마지막처럼 171001 코리아뮤직페스티벌.jpg” by RAS 99