I used to spend so much time, money and resources shopping. I often did not think about my purchases or consider if I really needed or wanted what I was buying. I just bought for the purpose of buying. Which is horrible for your finances and for your environmental impact. I’m not sure that I was thinking when I did that, but I’ve since developed a much more ethical mindset when it comes to my purchases. With making this transition, I’ve become familiar with quite a few ethical YouTube channels that have helped me learn and grow so much. 

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Here are some of my absolute favorite ethical YouTube channels to watch!


Shelbi, who goes by Shelbizleee on YouTube, practices eco-minimalism. This means that Shelbi tries to be as minimal as possible with her purchases and environmental impact. She posts videos about her experiences and research, which are great resources for anyone who wants to try to be more environmentally conscious with their lifestyle. 

Shelbi has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and is extremely passionate about sustainability. One of my favorite videos that she does is her zero waste grocery hauls.

Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste is another great YouTube account, where Kathryn Kellogg talks about eating clean, reducing waste and natural living. She provides really great videos and resources for buying and living zero waste, or as close as possible to zero waste. She is really passionate about avoiding harmful chemicals, ditching plastic, and living a free and clean life. 

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One of my favorite videos that she does is Zero Waste challenges, where she challenges viewers to try a 31 day period of being zero waste to see if it is realistic to their lifestyle. If you’re interested in watching her content, she comes out with a new video every Sunday!


Inspiroue is a favorite environmental YouTube channel of mine because Cynthia creates videos and resources for sustainable fashion and non-harmful thrifting. The word and handle “Inspiroue” comes from the words inspire and you, meaning the goal of inspiring others to shop consciously and sustainably. Cynthia is a Canadian that emphasizes the importance of each and every person having an individual impact that matters.

Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese started out on YouTube as a makeup guru and has since evolved into showing her life as a mom and living natural, minimal, and clean. What’s really cool about her videos is you can go back and see her grow as she learns how to be more and more environmentally cautious, and lessens her environmental impact. Sarah also shows her spiritual journey throughout her videos, and she is very honest with her viewers about the ups and downs of her life and journey. 

She recently moved into a new house and showed ways to decorate and create a functional yet minimal home, which was by far my favorite series of hers because I am addicted to moving vlogs and decorating ideas. 


Jhánneu uses the power of social media to promote a low waste lifestyle. She creates YouTube videos on things like low waste meal prep, minimalism for beginners, and sustainable beauty and fashion. She is currently located in LA and she emphasizes making sustainable living inclusive, which I love! 

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Some of my favorite videos of hers are minimalistic meal prepping and sustainable gift giving

Sustainable Human

Sustainable Human is a non-profit account established to promote different ways of thinking. Their videos are very powerful depictions of how each and every one of us has the power to change and make a positive impact. Their mission is to expose the root causes of our sustainability issues and offer different solutions to help us all live in harmony. 

One of my favorite videos of theirs is The Illusion of Insignificance. I don’t want to give any of it away, but trust me, it is POWERFUL. 

Sustainable Living

If you are trying to figure out how to be more environmentally friendly and lessen your footprint, watching YouTube videos from creators like the ones I mentioned can really help guide you in the right direction. The benefit of having these resources is that these awesome people already did all of the heavy lifting, and have greatly researched different ways to be more sustainable.