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We’re always looking for ways to live better. We can always make changes to our lifestyle to have a positive impact on ourselves, our communities, and the planet, too. But where to begin? Visit these Instagrammers for some short and sweet educational content to help you get started. 

Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn Kellogg of going.zero.waste shares lots of tips on how to go zero-waste, all from her own experience. From easy swap-out products that are more sustainable and how being sustainable can save you money to education about environmental racism, waste, and clothing, she covers many topics. My personal favorite, Her Good News Friday posts, end every week on a positive note.

Old World New

Old World New: Run by Addie Fisher, Old World New is full of ideas on how to make old things new again, from clothing to curtains found in thrift stores. She is constantly running fundraisers, making lists on sustainable products, and sharing little bite-size pieces of advice on how to use what we already have made. Her website shares even more information on how to be more green. 

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini and has grown to an entire team of like-minded individuals passionate about the world around us. On Instagram they share tips and tricks to recycling, food waste, up-and-coming sustainable companies mixed in with education. On their website, there’s an unlimited number of articles covering sustainability in food, clothing, business, and technology that we could all learn from. 

Aditi Mayer

Aditi Mayer is a photographer using her platforms to spread information on sustainability in fashion and activism. She spends time crafting photos and captions that trap your attention, forcing you to see the realities of the current state of the environment and how we can help. Educating followers on the decolonization (stopping labor and resource exploitation) is one of her strongest suits. She’s who you should go to if you want a bite of history, activism, and sustainability education all in one. 

Zero Waste Guy

Zero Waste Guy is Jonathan Levy, a man with a plan to educate as many people as possible on how to decrease green waste. Sometimes he’s speaking on his own journey to zero waste, sometimes sharing how to make bread, and much of the time sharing little bits on how to use as little waste as possible. 


Wasteless.at is Agnes, a woman who realized zero-waste isn’t really possible for most people, and is dedicated to helping others create as little waste as possible. Her instagram is full of recipes for eco-friendly cosmetics and cleaning supplies, how to recycle correctly, and even how to mend clothing. She also runs an Etsy shop where she sells eco-friendly tools for the kitchen, such as sponges, produce bags, and toothbrushes to help you on your journey towards eco-friendly. 

Green Suitcase Travel

Green Suitcase Travel follows Misty Foster as she travels around the globe sustainably. On her Instagram she is sharing educational tidbits about how to travel more green, and what impact travel and tourism has on the environment. Her website features more in-depth information; her team can even help you plan a sustainable trip if you feel the travel bug itching.

Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke is an indigenous farmer using her voice to spread the word about climate change, the versatility of hemp, and the realities of farming. LaDuke shows how we can learn from indigenous people to help save our planet. This includes things like controlled burnings to prevent wildfires and planting native crops.

Kamea Chayne

Kamea Chayne is a creator sharing her experiences with eco-living with the world one post and one podcast at a time. From regenerative earth stewardship, how to reuse coffee grounds, to the intersectionality between social justice and environmentalism, she offers insights into the complex ideas of sustainability today. Her podcast, Green Dreamer Podcast, discusses these ideas at length with experts in the field. Currently, she’s about to embark on mobile living and is developing her own newsletter, which can be found here

Anita Vandyke

Anita Vandyke is the brains behind rocket_science, and get this: she’s an actual rocket scientist. She’s on the road to becoming zero-waste and completely eco-friendly, and she’s not shy about what she’s learning. She’s a big advocate of the circular economy: using reusable items like jars, shopping second hand, and eco-friendly recipes/food ideas. She shares her finds, her mantras, and even some experiences on parenting sustainability. If you’re new to reducing waste, her posts are the perfect. They have clear dosage of ideas you need and if they’re not enough, you can check out her book A Zero Waste Life: in thirty days to get even more tips.