The holiday season is upon us and for all of those who celebrate Christmas, it is time to get your Christmas tree.  My family loves to go out and cut down our tree each year at a Christmas tree farm.  As an advocate for the environment, I decided to do some research on what kind of tree is the most sustainable.  This is one of my favorite family traditions, so I wanted to be sure it was not a harmful tradition.  Every article and video I dove into described the benefits of tree farms and the dangers of artificial trees.  If you are debating buying a real or fake tree for this holiday season, look no further!

Roots Miles Away: Why Fake Trees Emit More Carbon Than They Save

green pine tree with decorations

Fake trees are made of PVC plastic.  This plastic is harmful to both the environment and our bodies.  PVC can cause various cancers and poisonings.  The reusable quality in fake trees is often the largest argument in favor of them.  Unfortunately, most households only use them for 6-9 years before tossing them into the garbage and buying another one.  Artificial trees are made from non-recyclable plastics and metals.

Another large issue with fake trees is the amount of carbon emitted in producing and shipping them. China produces almost all manufactured trees.  Millions of them sell every year and are ship all over the world.

Roots in the Ground: Why Real Christmas Trees Benefit the Environment

grayscale photo of snow covered trees during daytime

Real Christmas trees are the way to go.  If you are able, supporting tree farms supports ecosystems across the country.  Christmas tree farms are managed forests.  These forests are maintained and kept to benefit not only the trees but the wildlife that inhabit the area as well.  This means that the trees are providing homes and nutrients for wildlife in the area.  Trees absorb CO2 that is building up in our atmosphere.  Typically, tree farms reseed 1-3 seeds for every tree that is cut down.  This provides a sustainable way to manage carbon dioxide storage and ensure trees are remaining in the selected area.

three green christmas tree decors

Another great alternative is buying a rooted tree that can be replanted in the ground outside your home.  These trees may come in burlap or pre-potted options.  They are great for individuals hoping to keep their trees alive and provide a small forested area on their property with each year’s tree.

What To Do With Your Tree After Christmas

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Keep in mind that all real trees are recyclable!  Click here to find great options on where to recycle your tree.  A few examples of how your Christmas tree can be put to good use include: lining hiking trails, creating mulch, and providing food and nesting material for local wildlife.  

Happy Holidays to you&your tree from me&mine!

If you worry about finding a tree this holiday season, there are companies that will deliver real trees right to your door!  You can even do some research to find out if there are any potted Christmas tree rental companies in your area.

Support your local tree farms and ecosystems this Christmas.  Stay safe and healthy celebrating this holiday season!