When it comes to saving the planet, it can be difficult to know where to begin. You might be thinking, “I’m just one person, how I can solve the planet’s biggest problems?” Challenges like climate change, plastic waste, sustainable food production, and more are so gargantuan! It can be overwhelming to imagine what it would take to solve these problems. 

So, where do we begin? Well, thankfully, we have the answers!

Planetary Solutions at Planet Home

The good news is, for every challenge the planet is facing, a viable, science-backed solution exists and is just waiting to be applied. The Planet Home platform makes it easy to discover solutions related to sustainability, biodiversity, renewable energy, and more.

Solutions range from everyday actions you can take to live a greener lifestyle, to various opportunities to support environmental organizations around the world. Our goal is to build an ecosystem where people can get connected to initiatives, projects, organizations, and other people who share their interests protecting the planet.

Planet Home organizes its solution-oriented approach to protecting the planet within a four-part framework of EAT, MAKE, MOVE, and LIVE. The idea is that we can have a positive impact on the Earth if we focus on solutions under each of these areas. 

  • EAT covers all the ways we can live in better harmony with the land and our oceans as we aim to sustain ourselves and the planet.
  • MAKE explores the need to develop more environmentally friendly products and production processes.
  • MOVE emphasizes the importance of innovating clean transportation to protect the air and our atmosphere. 
  • LIVE holds different ideas for how we, both individually and collectively, can live more sustainably to help keep the planet healthy.

Join a Community of Solutionists 

Planet Home is focused on creating a community of Solutionists – people from all walks of life who are ready to do their part in protecting the planet. We want to help people take the next step beyond just awareness. Each one of us has a place in this movement. If you are willing to make even small changes that help the planet, Planet Home can help get you started by connecting you with solutions that match your needs or interests. 

Most importantly, we’re a community where anyone can bring new ideas to the table. In addition to exploring planetary solutions that are already available, you can also submit your own ideas. Planet Home helps bring solutions to life by making ideas actionable. The goal is to pilot different ideas out by experimenting and tweaking solutions before rolling out at a global level. With this approach, we can aggregate the solutions (big and small) and develop a collective strategy that moves the needle on the biggest planetary challenges. 

If each of us pitches in a little bit every day, together we can make a big difference. With a global community supporting our planetary solutions, the mission to save the planet feels more possible than ever.

Join the Planet Home community today!

Neil Sahota