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The holiday season is coming up soon! When shopping for friends and loved ones, consider giving eco-friendly gifts. This ethical gift guide focuses on eco-friendly gifts for the ocean lover in your life. The ocean is a beautiful, vast, and important part of our planet. From reusable straws to scuba diving lessons, these gifts keep marine conservation in mind while bringing lots of holiday joy.

Adopt a Coral

Coral Gardeners is an awesome project run by surfers and scientists in French Polynesia. They aim to save coral reefs by transplanting coral to degraded areas of reefs. Coral reefs are an essential part of the ocean’s ecosystem. By donating you directly help them plant coral, restoring the health of precious reefs. Make a donation in the name of the ocean lover in your life! Just choose how many corals you want to save, name them, and receive an adoption card you can give to them.

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Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential when keeping safe during a day at the beach! The only problem is that most sunscreens contain chemicals that harm coral reefs when washed off in the ocean. The problem is bad, but the solution is simple. Wear reef-safe sunscreen! Give the gift that protects you and coral reefs at the same time. Many brands offer reef-safe sunscreen that will make the perfect gift, from big brands like Sun Bum & Banana Boat, to small ones like All Good & Badger.

Ocean Charity Membership

Give the ocean lover in your life a membership to an ocean related charity! Show your friends and loved ones how much you care about them and healthy oceans by giving them a membership to a good cause. They will become a part of a movement that fights for a healthier ocean! Charities like Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation, and NRDC all have gifted membership programs.

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Scuba Diving Lesson

Send someone into the depths below! The recipient of scuba diving lessons will be able to see and explore the wonders of the ocean first-hand. Additionally, giving experiences and virtual gifts are better for the environment than manufactured products. If you think the ocean lover in your life would be interested in learning to scuba dive, get them started with a gift card to any certified training center.

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Reusable Straws

Plastic straws are among the top 10 items found each year by the Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup. These plastic straws are not biodegradable. Instead, they break down into harmful microplastics. These microplastics interfere with ecosystems and harm marine wildlife. The simple switch to reusable straws greatly helps the ocean. Consider buying reusable straws for your family and friends this holiday season!

Natural Wetsuit

Know any avid surfers, scuba divers, or snorkelers? With winter coming up they’re going to need a wetsuit. Traditional wetsuits contain neoprene, a chemical that is bad for the environment. Gift them an eco-friendly wetsuit so they can stay warm without harming the oceans they love. A couple examples include: Vissla’s neoprene-free wetsuit made of natural rubber, and Patagonia’s Yulex wetsuit made of recycled fabrics.

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Barrel Bag

The Barrel Bag is a compact and sustainable cleanup bag. Plastic pollution is impacting our beaches and oceans. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Barrel Bag is an eco-friendly product that makes cleaning up easy and safe. This lightweight drawstring bag is the perfect gift for ocean lovers. Plus, 100% of their profits go towards funding their mission to stop litter pollution and bring awareness to our environment!

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