What is Clean Beaches Week? 

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Fireworks and BBQs galore, July 4th is sure to bring loads of fun. But that also means the biggest day of the year for beach visits in the United States. With over 180 million people headed to the beaches any given Fourth, our precious beaches are set to take a heavy toll.

Enter National Clean Beaches Week

Clean Beaches Week is an entire week dedicated to celebrating our planet’s amazing beaches and ensuring their safety, health, and beauty. It’s often referred to as the “Earth Day for beaches.” Combining the spirit of Earth Day with a passionate Fourth of July community is sure to be a recipe for an awesome week of fun action!

Clean Beaches Week is celebrated annually July 1-7. It’s no coincidence that the Fourth of July falls right in the middle of Clean Beaches Week. It gives the perfect opportunity to those looking to celebrate their country to preserve the amazing natural beaches found within it. The week is sure to be filled with beach clean-ups, online experiences, educational events, and so much more. 

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What’s the theme of Clean Beaches Week?

The Clean Beaches Coalition have created 4 themes based on the positive aspects beaches provide for our planet.


The 4th of July is the biggest beach visit day in the United States – unfortunately it’s also the most littered. The 4th wouldn’t be anything without our amazing beaches, the least we can do is look after them. During National Clean Beaches Week, it is strongly advised that beachgoers leave no trace of litter, only footprints, at the beach. 


From seaweed to fish to salt, the ocean provides an abundance of food to communities around the world. During National Clean Beaches Week, those with compatible diets are encouraged to eat healthy, planet-conscious meals during their beach visits and beyond.


More than 180 million Americans visit the beach each year. The beach is just one of the best places to be. During National Clean Beaches Week, people should be inspired to get out and active. Play in the sand, go surfing, take a walk on the beach, anything counts!


Beaches are a public space, open to everyone, a place where all people can come together to enjoy the sand, the sun, and of course, the cool water! Throughout National Clean Beaches Week, people are urged to reduce their carbon footprint through various actions such as carpooling, recycling, and other green activities.

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What started Clean Beaches Week?

Founded in 2003 by the Clean Beaches Coalition (CBC), National Clean Beaches Week has drawn immense public support in recent years, with over 150 governors, mayors, and other community leaders issuing official proclamations supporting the initiative. In 2007, both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate unanimously passed resolutions nationally enacting National Clean Beaches Week.

Caring for the beach and keeping it clean also means caring for our oceans, which make up over 70% of our planet, and are home to over 1 million different species of wildlife. When the Clean Beaches Coalition first organized Clean Beaches Week in 2003, the founders envisioned a 7-day celebration to raise awareness of actions people can take to protect our beaches, and in turn, our planet.

In honor of the 7 days of Clean Beaches Week, the Clean Beaches Coalition asks all beachgoers to apply the following 7 principles to their lives. Doing so not only protects our beaches, but also helps participants create a healthier mindset and lifestyle for their future. 

We urge you to read these 7 principles and focus on the ones that you find the most inspiring.

  1. Leave no trace
  2. Move your body
  3. Don’t tread the dunes
  4. Know your limits
  5. You are what you eat
  6. Feed your mind
  7. Respect the ocean

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Planet Home and #CleanBeachesWeek

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